Monday, May 14, 2012


I want everyone who reads this to know that I am awesome at everything I choose to be awesome at.
Don't believe it?
Read on, oh ye of little faith.

The other day Sam really wanted to go fishing, so we all piled into Angelina and off we went.

Of course, when we got there Ozzy was asleep so I was stuck in the car to monitor him.

This is not my happy face.
But it is his sleepy face.
Sam and the herd ditched me. Whine.

They found a great spot and got right to it.
It was a lovely evening.
After a bit Oz woke up and we trotted down to be with the fam.

They had already started catching fishes when we got there.
Xander was pretty stoked about all the worms.

Buddy and Sam fishing together.

With my fishing partner ready to go, I commandeered a pole and we were in action.

Buddy was pretty happy so I had to wait a bit for the pole.
(I love this picture of him by the way.)
While I waited I took pictures of my hawt fisherman.

So, I finally got my hands on a pole.
I cast it out and Sam was shocked I knew how.
Heh heh.
I then reeled it in... with a FISH!

We shall call this Fishy #1.
Around now Buddy decided to cry. A lot. He hadn't realized in order to catch and eat fish, they have to die. It was rough on him for awhile there.

Meanwhile, Ozzy and I caught fishy #2.
Sam was a bit shocked.

He made some comment that he had no idea I was outdoorsy.

Um, hello. I grew up in the country. I spent a lot of time outdoors as a kid.
Just because I like to pee in a toilet as opposed to a crappy (literally) hold in the ground doesn't make me not outdoorsy. That just makes me smart too.

But. I digress.
Around now, Sam caught a fish on his tenkara rod.
That is a thinking man's fishing rod or something.

I kept fishing with my worms and cheapo reel rod.
Got a few shots of my Sammy and Buddy while I waited for a minute.

Then I had to pass of the camera because I caught fish #3!

Oh no she didn't!
Oh yes, yes I did!

I even touched this one since it got all floppy and scared Isabelle, who dropped my camera.
Incidentally, the camera got sand in it and while I got some more pictures out of it, that thing died. Super dead.
Another shot of me with the fishy.

Next I helped Belle get a fish.
I love her stance here.
Think that girl took ballet for 8 years?

By now Buddy was over his fish murdering freak out and  he was all about picking up a fish.
Boys are weird.
He and Xander started climbing all over. I got this shot of them.

Then I caught another fish.
Oh, and one more after that.

So, in the end I feel it was proven that I am awesome at fishing, even though Sam has never taken me ever ever ever.
Too bad he hadn't, we would have a freezer full of fish by now!

I had to stop gloating at this point because Sam was getting a little miffed. I tend to go a bit overboard with my rubbing things in. Whoops.

Oh well.
I rock!
As long as someone else puts the worm on the hook. That part is icky.

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