Monday, May 28, 2012

The Gnoming

Sam's birthday was this past Friday.
It was awesomesauce.

I wanted to make a big huge deal over it, but Sam was Senor Fun Killer and said no.

I like messing with Sam just as much as I like making a fuss over him.

I also knew of some friends who are always up for a good joke, so I invited a pile of them to join me in Gnoming Sam.

It was simple.
They found whatever gnome figurine they could or poster or card or whatever and they planted them in our yard the night before. Then Sam could wake up and enjoy.

You all know Sam absolutely hates gnomes, yes?
Well, he does.
Feel free to use that information as you deem appropriate.

Anyhow, Friday morning, Sam got up and the kids gave him cards they made.

They were highly inappropriate. Go figure.

Then I asked him to take the dogs out.
He found this:
Ruh Roh.
Good thing I got him a book for Christmas to help him prepare for this kind of a thing.

Sam and the kids cautiously explored outside and found all of this:

Sam found his garden gloves and gathered all the gnomes.

Then he found a few more he missed.
This is a singing gnome card.
Ozzy loves it.
Sam, not so much.
There were a few more guys at the door too.

Once Sam had them all assembled, he got the female gnome (he claims she was their leader). 
He made an example out of her.

Sorry girl gnome, you had to go.
Xander had the book and he of course approved this course of action.
My kids are into gnome decapitation. Sweet.

So, there is it.
Sam's birthday gnoming.

Other than the lingering nightmares, he was tickled about it.

He also knows who his special gnome delivery friends are and I am betting at some point he will be returning the favor.


Oh, and happy birthday Sam! Way to turn 42 or however old you are! (I stopped counting several years back and now I'm always confused.)

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