Monday, May 14, 2012

Isabelle's Big Clogging Recital

Clogging took of our lives in April!

Competitions, performances and recital!
Here is Belle before her performance.
The boys played on Kindles so they would not drive me crazy.

Grandma Kim and Grandpa Steve and Grandma and Grandpa Tower came to the recital and that was fun (and very fortunate as circumstance would have it).

Ozzy was tired and miserable the entire time and he made sure I was too. Yay.
Like that line on his head?
The night before he was all angry and whatnot because he was teething and I set him down which was an unforgiveable crime so he threw himself into a bookshelf corner. Good stuff. Sigh.

The recital was wonderful, but of course, things didn't go as I had hoped.

At the very beginning, that darn Batphone went off and something big had happened.
Sam had to go do the detective thing.
I know what you are thinking. Isn't he sgt now so he doesn't have to do detective stuff?
Well, yes and now. The new detective is learning how to... detect I guess. So, Sambo has to help him and when big stuff happens he goes out too.
I won't lie, I cried.

Once again, police work jacked up a big family event.

(Minivent: If I hear one more person talk about how "cushy" or "easy" those detective hours are I will have to drop kick them. If detective hours are easy, they aren't doing something right. Crime can't be predicted. Stomp stomp stomp and whine. Okay, vent over.)

Belle handled it better than I did. She just shrugged and said, "I knew that would happen," and went out and danced.

People, cop kids are TOUGH.
Thank goodness for that.

Of course, now the issue of getting Sam to the crime scene was at hand. We had only taken Angelina Jolie and minivan and I couldn't exactly load up all the kids and take Sam to his squad car and I couldn't leave either. Argh.

So, my mom stepped in to save the day.

She drove Sam back to our house so he could go to work.

Apparently she asked Sam if she needed to hurry and he said, "drive as fast as you can."
She went 10 miles over the speed limit. Living on the edge there, Mom.

We finished the recital and it was nice. All the boys revolted towards the end so my mom took them all home early for me and Ozzy passed out because it was way past his bedtime.

Isabelle did excellent work clogging and now I kind of want to join! There are adult level classes so next year I just may become a clogger too!

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