Monday, May 14, 2012

My Berry Patch

I spent the other day soaking my berry patch so I could pull weeds and show you my pretty raspberries and strawberries!
This is the raspberry patch we planted a few years ago.
It is filling in this area quite nicely.
I think they will take off this summer.
Even though I tried to move all the strawberries to their own patch, we have a pretty big patch going in the middle of the raspberries.
Fine strawberries, have it your way.
I'm pretty excited about all the berries we will have, even if these are in the wrong spot.
The raspberries are doing great too so far.
I am so excited about that!
The separate strawberry patch is doing really awesome too.
This was 5 little plants a few years back and they are just spreading all over!
Lookit! So pretty. We are going to have a lot of berries!

I told Sam we're going to have enough berries to sell some this year if we want to. Yay!

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