Monday, May 14, 2012

Our Mini Orchard

Now that we've talked about the berry patch, let me show you our mini orchard we have going!

Check it, new trees!
One of our friends had some little native plum trees in their backyard and they didn't want them anymore so Sam helped dig them up and brought them home here. Woo!

The kids played outside while Sam dug.
Xander debated messing with the apple trees, but thought better of it when I gave them the LOOK.

One of my beautiful apple trees. We are going to have SO MANY apples this year!

Sam digging a hole for a tree. Not a body. In case you weren't certain.

One of our trees before replanting.

Mini science lesson when Sam found some centipedes and decided to tell the kids all about them.
For my Grandpa Roy to see: Sam has been highly successful grafting the fruit trees! I think all three of these have taken and have leaves on them now!

My lilacs.

Sam putting that tree in the ground.
Our apple trees blooming away.

I think this is the russian apple tree Sam planted.
This is a pear tree. I think. Sam told me what they all are but I never remember.
Ozzy with his white tufts of hair. He loves outside.
The two trees on one side of the fence.
Lookit my apple blossoms!

This is a Bartlett pear tree and a Ferrel (I can't spell) pear tree. Sam grafted this one. I think. He grafted one of them.

A better look at the grafts.

So, there they are.
In our backyard we now have 2 mature producing apple trees, 2 native plum trees that are mature and should produce next year, 2 baby pear trees and one more apple tree. Plus the pear tree by the garden. Woo! Mini orchard, here we come!

As soon as the garden is ready to photograph I'll show you that too!

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