Monday, May 14, 2012


Oh Xander.

That kid is nuts.

So, a few weeks ago, the boy decided to show off for my friend Ang and he jumped off the 5th step on our stairs, which is awful and freaks me out on its own. But it was made worse by him landing on a blow up globe on accident.

Yeah, he didn't stick that landing.

There was a lot of crying, but he wasn't *that* swollen at first, so we put him on a couch for the rest of the day and hoped that was that.

But, that night he was sobbing in his room because his foot and ankle hurt. I ended up just setting him at the foot of our bed so we could sleep.

Next morning his ankle was looking a bit puffy so I called our family doctor.

They said it could be a compact fracture so we took him in.
I was mega stoked.
Sigh. Little Heathen.
I never got a great shot of his ankle, or as we called it, his Xankle.
The doctor ended up asking us to get x rays so we did. 
It turned out to be a nice old sprain. 

It was pretty amusing to watch him crawl around everywhere while he was injured.
He also hopped on one foot a lot.

In other news, the weather finally turned decent around this week.
See that cute necklace on Belle? One of her homeschool pen pals sent it to her.

Here is Mr. Hoppalong Xander with some flowers he  picked for me.

Buddy has been "reading" lately. He is interested the Fablehaven books and will sit down and pick out all the words he can figure out. Not sure how much he is getting out of it, but I'll let him try.

Overall, an exciting week. 
Weather was nice, school is getting done and Xander can walk once again. Hooray!

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