Thursday, June 28, 2012

Almost Time to Fly: Babywearing Conference 2012

So, it is 5:43am right now.

I can't sleep.

I'm just too darn excited.

Today, I leave for the 4th International Babywearing Conference in DC!
I'm a bit nervous to go as this is the first time in 12 years of marriage that I've ever left and NOT taken at least a baby with me. Of course, this is only the 2nd time I've taken a trip anywhere without Sambo since we had kids also.
I will probably drive my babywearing buddies nuts because I'll miss the herd but...

I need to go.
I miss my tribe and I need the encouragement they give me, the perspective they show me and the reminder that while Rigby is a great place, I do live in a very set-in-their-ways pocket of the world and there is SO MUCH MORE that we can be besides what I see every day.

I've felt my pink daisy in a sea of white roses self wilting a bit lately and I just know (from experience) that the conference will perk me right up and get me back to happily waving in the breeze.

I'm sure I'll have all sorts of fantastic stories to tell. I promise to share them all.

Right now I'm just anticipating the trip to DC. I get to meet a good friend on the way there who I've never actually seen face to face. I'm very excited. On the way home I get to do the same thing with another new friend.
I'm going to be staying in a motel with a fantastic bunch of gals who are all pretty different. In fact, we joke it is like a bad bar joke; if the joke started with, "Two Mormons, Two Lutherans an an Atheist walked into a bar..."
I know what you're thinking. Why would a Mormon go to a bar (suspicious eyebrow raise)?
Um... someone has to drive you lushes home!

I kid. I'm not driving anyone home, you have to sort that out yourself. I'll be too busy seeing everything I can in DC.

Wanna know the first thing I'm going to do? Raise my hug embargo and hug the crap out of all my friends.
I'm that excited.

See you in a few days. Pray Sam and the herd survive without me. (Oh, who am I kidding? They're going to have a blast! Pray my house survives!)

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  1. Have an awesome time! I love a good tribe conference.