Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Buddy's Pitching Machine Season

 I'm too cheap to buy a picture so I took my own. I feel it is very accurate.

So, Buddy has LOVED pitching machine. He did pretty good too.
He's a bit poky when he runs, but I think he'll be a decent ball player as he gets older.

 Batting and running after he hit the ball.
 Doing his victory dance. It is a crowd pleaser.
 Um... sticking the landing at home?
 He asked me to take this picture.
This one too.
Oooh, hardcore.

I'm sad because I'll miss his last game due to being in Washington-fricking-DC for the babywearing conference, but I'm certain he'll do great.
(While it was fun, I'm looking forward to being done. I want my evenings back.)

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