Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Epic Sunday Disaster June 2012

I realized yesterday that every Sunday in the month of June has been ROUGH.
One disaster/drama after another.
I told you about the first one and the second followed suit.
Now let me tell you about the third one!

This was our travel Sunday.
Sambo had a family thing so we all went.
Now, there was some tension from the get go because a year ago I had made a declaration that was widely ignored by Sam and at this point I've abandoned it but I was a touch annoyed that week.

It plays into a lot of the drama but since it is a more personal thing I'll leave it out for now. (This is mainly here for my kids to ask me about WHEN THEY ARE ADULTS, NOT WHEN ISABELLE READS MY BLOG POST TOMORROW. Then the information will be useful to them.)

Anyhow, we went to our church first. I'm pretty paranoid about looking inactive at our own church as we have something going every week through the next while.
Plus, I like the people there.

We got on the road.
Ozzy was first and foremost, not onboard. He is very good at being vocal about his misery and bringing everyone else along for the ride. It was fun.
Proof I was there.
PS. I'm pretty happy about losing the last few pounds/inches I had wanted to drop after having Ozzy. You can't really see it, but I feel like I gain weight in my cabbage patch face so I can totally see it.

So, we finally arrived. Way early.
We waited outside for a bit.

We went in when everyone showed up.
It was rough. The meeting was long (like they all are) and normally that would be fine but our kids were DONE, especially Oz.
We finally left a few minutes early so our kids would stop disrupting the meeting.
Honestly, that was really stressing me out. I hate it when we're the noisiest family in the room.

At this point, we went over to my friend Ky's house.
She's pretty nifty.
I got a shot of her chickens because I love them.
She was making a roast and I've had her food before and I wanted that roast.
But, Sam wanted us to get over to his family event at his parents' house, so I mournfully left that roast behind (and the 18 eggs Kiley has set aside for me, aaaaaaaargh!)

Now, things had been decent until now, but this is where it all went horribly wrong.

We get to Sam's parent's house and the place is packed.
Shoulder to shoulder people that I don't know from Adam.
As per usual, Sam was sucked in to the Bermuda Triangle of "tell me a cop story" and that meant that I was on my own in keeping all the kids accounted for.

With the large number of people it was tricky. I tried to sit in one spot and keep track of them, but the poor kids were having a rough time finding something to do and someone to play with or they were about to touch something breakable or a cactus so I was struggling to keep up with all of them at once.

To my relief, they decided to go in the house as none of the kids they could find were close to their age or even knew them so those kids were not interested in making new friends.
Inside is easier to manage, so yay.

But then, I saw Buddy decide to get a drink.
You know those glass drink dispensers with the handle you lift?
Those things never work well for kids and I could just sense disaster. I could see Sam closer to him, but Sam couldn't hear me shouting so I just starting jostling people to get to Buddy and...

I didn't make it.
Right as the kid reached up over his head (it was *just* high enough to where he could reach but not control it), he touched that handle and it popped right off, gushing lemonade all over him, the floor the furniture, other people...

In a crowded room.


Now the crowd was impossible to get through.
So, I'm watching in horror as Buddy tries to turn himself invisible and slink away to have a good cry. I know that boy and he was just mortified.
But, just as  he had made his escape, his grandpa grabbed him and was blotting him with a towel which was meant to help him but I can see that Buddy is even more embarrassed and it going to explode.

I just start shoving people because I know this is not what we want happening.
I scream so Sam can hear me. so he moseys over and I tell him I'm scooping and running and I grab all the kids and we leave.

Not a moment too soon.

Buddy breaks down the second we hit the car.
Oh, it was ugly.
I felt so sorry for him.
He was all sorts of, "I'll never show my face there again," and "I don't know what happened, but it was the worst moment of my life," and "Everyone hates me for making a mess!"

It was bad.
I knew it was just a situation where everyone had bad luck, but I still felt so sorry for him.

So, I let him cry it out then I found a part for the kids to play as Buddy needed to dry off. He was soaked to his underwear in lemonade and I didn't have spare clothes for him.
Those poor kids.
There were so miserable.

Finally, Belle said,"mom, can we just leave?"
Won't lie, I thought it over but decided Sam would not be please.

So, I did the next worst idea:
Happy Meals and air conditioning for everyone!

Oh man, that food was awful.
But, the kids cheered up, I relaxed and eventually Sam was ready to go home so we picked him up and endured another hour of Oz serenading us with his favorite tune, "I hate this car and I hate all of you for making me live in it today".

Good stuff.

So, there it is, another rough Sunday in June.
Can't wait for July.

(And just for the record, I think I'll be able to talk my kids into going back to Pocatello to see family. Eventually. They are the youngest grandkids and I think it is just hard being surrounded by kids they don't know who aren't interested in knowing them because, well, my kids are little and therefore less fun. I get it. But it is still hard for them. I'm working on solutions however...)

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