Sunday, June 10, 2012

Herbalists in the Making

While Sam has been working on his education in herbalism, the kids have been learning a lot too!
It has become very typical for the kids to complain of an ailment and then ask for a specific herb to solve their problem.

Just the other day Xander scratched himself outside.
He was crying because it stung.
Buddy, jumped to the rescue.

 First, he found a patch of plantain in the yard.

Then he chewed it up, just like his dad taught him.

Then Xander stuck the chewed up plantain on his scratch and it felt better.
(Are you loving Xander's chocolate goatee there? I am.)
Now, I was cringing at Buddy chewing this up instead of Xander chewing it for his own arm, but whatever, they were happy.

Later that week Sam took the kids out to  collect some herbs from a neighbor's property.
Sam got permission and checked to see if they guy had sprayed any weed killer on the herbs first and when all was a go, they all got busy picking their plants.

The kids had a blast and Sam got a ton for some tea he is making.
It is a lot of fun watching these kids learn about herbalism and applying it to their lives.

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