Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sam's garden stuff. Early June 2012

I forgot to post these pics at the beginning of the month.
California Poppy. One of Sam's herbs.
They have taken off nicely since this picture was taken.
This is a fun experiment on the garage.
Those are gutters Sam put up and he planted lettuce in it.

They looked like this at the beginning of the month but now they are huge!

This is the red lettuce Sam planted last year that of course will come back every year. Nom.

Grape starts. Yep, we're growing grapes.
I got too hyper pulling rhubarb earlier this year and yanked out half the plant. Sam salvaged some of the root and we tried planting them to see if they would take. They did!
We also got another variety of rhubarb from a lady from church (thanks Kathy!) and they are doing great too.
The garlic we planted last year is back too. Woo!
The iris we got from a friend (thanks Maryanne!) last year. It has spread all over.
Of course, the blasted Columbine won't die no matter how hard I try to kill it. I give up, it can stay.

I'll get more pics of our garden soon. It is really going to be great this year.

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