Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Splash Park Fiesta!

Obviously, my sister Jade was in town since I have pictures of her kids with mine at the zoo.

She invited us to go to the splash park with her on Saturday and I thought she said 10am-noon.
I was mistaken, she said noon-2pm.

Oh well.
I invited a few friends while we waited for Jade and we had a great time!

I did it! I got a picture of Ozzy smiling! Holy crap!
Mr. X
Buddy boy.
I was letting my hippie flag fly and those squiggles on your screen? That is leg hair. Please do enjoy.
Best friends.
My grown up friends and some kiddos.

Jade showed up and that was fun.
I even got a pic of us.

Yeah. That smile isn't terrifying.
Enjoy, interwebs.
One more shot of the silliest best friends ever. They used cherries to make their faces messy. Little turkeys.

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