Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stampede Days 2012 (Why I love Rigby)

Oh, Stampede Days, how I love thee.

Every year it is awesome.
This year Sam didn't have to do bike patrol (woooooo!) so we got to stand by his car.
It was great.
Obligatory Hawt Cop shot.

Now, truth: The parade has been better in years past. But it was still great.

Our awesome chief was there.

A randome person had a wolf puppet.

I have no comment.
The shopping cart did not break down this year as far as I know. That actually made me sad. I look forward to that on a yearly basis.
We decorated horse butts again. This is a main reason I love Rigby.
EVERYTHING was considered a float.
We now have a giant wagon! Woo!

Belle walked in the parade with her clogging group (and of course her best friend Bethany). She had a wonderful time but I never got a good shot of her, so I took this pic instead.

After the parade there was a zumba party at the fairgrounds.
Isabelle and Bethany got in on the action.
Sorry the shot is blurry.

I have to be honest, I watched the zumbies (as I will be calling them from now on) and I felt a combination of two things.
I think I know how zombie mobs will be gathered now and I remember why I never bothered to go to a dance club in college.
I know, I know, it is awesome and shame on me. Maybe most zumba is awesome. But this crowd was a bit unsettling for some reason. Could have been the older man in the tank top, I don't know.

Anyhow, after the zumbies were done, it was time for Isabelle's dance team to perform.
This is the only half decent shot I got.
I'm a bit frustrated about it.
I would have liked to actually watch her perform, but someone lost their young kid and I spent 40 minutes keeping track of said kid until I located a relative and could transfer the kid safely to their care.
Oh well, maybe she'll perform next year.

After that I was exhausted so I took the kids home.
Look I was there! So was Ozzy! I need to adjust my carrier!

Overall, it was a good day. I love Stampede Days.

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