Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Taking the Herd on an Herbwalk

Oh my goodness.
Sam and I took the kids on a hike and everyone survived.

Since Sambo is now a Master Herbalist (ooh, so fancy), he likes to go on herb walks and find new places to wildcraft.
The kids are really into it too.
I'm less into it because it sounds like I'll have to think and/or exert myself and I avoid both whenever possible, but I was bored on this day so we all went.
Check it out.
Buddy made us a map.
I found blue butterflies.
There was some disagreement as to which direction we should go. (Xander, a little hint: Always follow the actual trail.)
We learned that our Fivefingers SUCK for hiking.
But we also learned that Isabelle is always cute.
We remembered why everyone who camps or hike should babywear!
We also learned that I am the only one who knows how to communicate effectively with cows and I am also the only one who can correctly identify a bull and/or a cow looking for a boyfriend.
I am also the only one who knows when we're being surrounded by cows and when it is time to turn back if you don't have a bullwhip or something to whack the rump of a cow with if they decide to get a little too close and your kids start panicking OVER FREAKING COWS.
(Something inside me died a little when I realized my kids are city slickers. It is awful.)
Xander found something else to climb.
Sam looked all smart and earthy and handsome at once. He is so talented.

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