Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Comfort Zone

Okay okay okay.
We're back.

I needed to close the curtains for a bit but now people are ringing the doorbells trying to get in so lets just throw the curtains back so we all simmer down.

You see, I got back from a few trips yesterday and I learned something on one of those trips.
A lot of people know of me via the blog before I ever know them.
I got a little overwhelmed.

It was flattering to go somewhere and have people say the nice things they said  to me but it was also the kind of thing that was a little scary too. I mean, who cares what I say? I barely care what  I say!

Anyhow, I'm not sure if I really feel like going into this much further so... without any further ado, hello. Is it me you're looking for?

I have a house to clean, piano to teach, a(nother) trip to pack for and eventually I'll dump the pictures off the camera and post some fun stuff.

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