Monday, July 30, 2012

How inanimate objects make me crazycakes

I am starting to think God tests my patience through kitchen appliances and vehicles.

The other day I noticed my dishwasher was misbehaving yet again. This of course annoyed me. It was like I would run the darn thing but nothing was happening! I unloaded the dishwasher to investigate and found that the bottom sprayer thinky had completely fallen apart.

Now, while this is going on, my ice maker in the fridge is apparently following in the footsteps of the old double oven and now decides to stop working at will. If you know me (and the herd) you know that I (we) really love ice in everything we drink and occasionally in our soup. This no ice thing is seriously like being pecked to death by ducks. I've been buying ice at the gas station and making it in trays but... (whine alert) I'm sooooooo lazy and I hate remembering to refill the tray and my kids and husband never do it. So hard. Want the machine to do it for me. Mooooooan.
Obviously this is scarring me for life.

Back to the dishwasher, Sam looked at it and decided he could use the interwebs to find out what parts he needed and he would just fix it himself. Bless that man. I remember when we were first married and he was freaked out by lightbulb changing. He was all, "turn off the breakers and PRAY I don't die!" Then he'd make sure the chair was wood and not metal, do a good luck dance and hold his breath while he hurried and changed the bulb. Actually, it was pretty funny now that I think of it. Okay, okay, he wasn't quite that bad. And his dancing was (and still is) quite lovely. That man can shake it like a polaroid picture (hey y'all).
Nowadays though, Sambo is the handiest of all the handymans (fine, men. Stupid grammar) in the land. He can fix it all and if he can't fix it he can swear at it enough to make me clap and that works too.
Back on track, google  found the answer for him and he gave me a list of parts to order.
I called a few local stores who were... special that day and they either told me the part didn't exist (um, nuh uh, looking at a picture of it online as we speak) or tried to charge me 10 times the price of it.
That of course infuriated me even more so once again the interwebs saved the day by finding a parts place that shipped me the parts for cheap in a DAY.
Sam spent 15ish  minutes and my dishwasher is back in action.

The fridge is still being insolent. She'd better watch her tone with me or she'll be sleeping in the shop come tax return season.

Of course, these inconveniences weren't as stressful as Angelina Jolie's spectacular break down a few weeks ago. We were on 17th street in Idaho Falls just waiting for the light to change and we hear a POW and a FIZZZZZZ. I was worried, but Sam said it was another car. A few minutes later our car started overheating! Woo hoo! The light changes and we inched around the corner and into a parking lot where Sam looked under the hood and lo and behold, the serpentine (I can't spell) belt had come off of its... waistband? I don't know.
Now, we were going to go on a road trip the very next day and it was 3:30 on a Friday so I was wigging out.
We called my parents for a ride home and my dad happened to be home so he towed our car to the first repair shop my cell phone showed me was close by.
Sam walked in and knew pretty much the entire crew and they managed to rush and fix our car, do a free diagnostic and they charged us next to nothing for it all! Hooray!
My mom took the kids and I home and she laughed the entire drive while I grumbled. Freaking Angie the Van. She is soooooo lucky she is paid off and her breakdowns are relatively cheap.

Alls well that ends well, yes?

I've been trying not to get too frustrated with these silly misadventures but I won't lie, events like this that are entirely beyond my control and that inconvenience me really stress me out. They make my bank account cranky and that also stresses me out.

But, silver linings. There are always silver linings.

My kids and I spent a few days washing dishes together and we had some of the better conversations we've had pretty much ever. Plus, I had the opportunity to revel in Sambo's manliness and that is always awesome.

Angie the Van is really making me cranky. But, honestly, the repairs are typical issues a car with that many miles would have and they aren't as costy as they could be. Besides, it is way cheaper than a car payment every month.

Besides these things, at the end of the day, these are adventures for our family and hopefully learning moments for our kids where they can see us trying to laugh through all sorts of frustrations and finding solutions when it feels easier to just give up on things. These moments of immense irritation for me are bringing our family closer together.

So, God seriously must be testing me. I sure hope I'm passing and I really really really hope this is the advanced level course because I can't take any more appliances or cars crapping out on me this year. (Who hears God belly laughing right now as his finger hovers over the "smite" button besides me?)

Plus, I think if I start a pool on what appliance will kick it on me next I could make a small fortune. Who wants in on that?

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