Friday, July 13, 2012

International Babywearing Conference 2012: Day 1

Okay, let it be known that I was way excited to go as I have never been on a trip all by myself in 12 years. Let it also be known that I underestimated how used to my own home and my own bed and my own humans I now am and I don't ever want to do a big trip like this again all by myself. So, I flew in a plane from IF to SLC.
Pretty plane.
It was nice.

I guess.

The fun part was getting picked up in SLC by my old friend Doug. He took me to his house where I finally got to meet his wife Marie who has been a friend of mine for years.
I was really eager to meet her and she did not disappoint.
I got to snuggle her brand new baby girl.

I learned all about "Southern Hospitality", cucumber sandwiches and the awesome that comes from the south.
The other kiddos were dozing at this point so I only got Doug and Marie with the baby but it was still great.
This was one of the high points of the entire trip for me.

Then Doug took me back to the airport and I flew to DC.
Holy crap, that sucked. My head hurt, my legs were twitchy and I realized about 1 hour into that flight that I wanted to go home. Of course, it is really hard to get planes to turn around so I tried to resolve myself to the fun that would be me. Alone. Without a spouse or a herd member.

I arrived in DC around 11pm their time.
I met up with a roomie and we were picked up by another and we made it to the hotel.
Crappy shot, sorry.
Our hotel was supposed to be this nice suite. I booked it so I fully expected it. It was so not a nice suite and I was really sad about that. A roomie or so was upset about it (and I'm pretty sure upset with me about it... I felt bad about that the entire time).
At 11pm though, we just needed to sleep.
So we did.

Day 1. Over.

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