Friday, July 13, 2012

International Babywearing Conference 2012: Day 2

Wakey wakey at 6am!
That would be 4am Idaho time.

We piled in Heather's BMW (Big Mormon Wagon, I think. Big and Mormon for sho) and we wandered blindly for a bit.
Then we found the college we were going to and praise Buddha, they had signs with arrows! Just like when I'm looking for a yard sale in Idaho! I totally felt at home over that.

Once we arrived on campus we got our awesome nametags.
I'm Kimber.
Funny story about the name tag.
I was sitting on the floor, absentmindedly twirling my name tag and thinking to myself that I needed a magic marker to I could write "Babywearing Ninja" on my tag for funsies.
I turned it over to see where I could fit such a title and lo and behold... Babywearing Ninja was ALREADY written on it!
I was so happy! My peeps know me.

I got to see my tribe.
Kimber and Jan. She was almost laying on the floor so we could be the same height.
Kimber and Kristi (wearing the Kimber wrap... wooooo!)
Missed seeing her.
Kimber and Arie.
Kelly, Arie, Susie and Mandy.
As you can see, my camera takes crap pictures.
Heidi geeking out because THE Tina from Didymos signed her Tina wrap.

Heather and Sterling. That boy was such a trooper.

Signs. I love signs.

Our Conference Queen... Ann Marie! Bless that woman for planning this conference.

After a bit I found some of my peeps and we went touristing. Now, it was 105 in DC that day and that suuuuuuuuuucked.

Dagyn, Kelley and Kimber.

A random gal I sat by on the metro who married a dude who came from overseas and is all into babywearing and by the end of our ride she and I were bffs.
It was so hot!
But I was happy so I sweated a giant heart through my clothes. How cool is that?

Herd of hippies walking.
Crap pic of Hannah and I at the capitol. She took us on an amazing tour and we were really grateful.

We tried walking to the Museum. At one point some could not go on... too hot.
Ever the police wife, I went with the "advance team" and made sure the museum would be there when the read of the gang arrived.

(Later I realized we were walking along the metro route and could have ridden there. Sigh.

Anyhow, museum.
Hope Diamond.
A real mummy. I took a lot of these pics for my kids. Deal with it.

Me and the dinos.

I was exhausted. Really exhausted.
I was also struggling with allergies at this point. My allergy pill I take in Idaho was NOT cutting it. Sigh.
It was still 90 degrees at 8pm. Look at this little spray park thingy in the middle of a shopping center.
It was pretty neat.

Day 2 wrap up: Hot. Muggy. Friends everywhere.

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