Friday, July 13, 2012

International Babywearing Conference 2012: Day 4

I should have flown home this morning.
I was done.
So done.
I felt awful. I was tired. I missed my family so much that seeing another family made me cry.
It had been all uphill from here but I was just so homesick. Sigh. Live and learn.

Anyhow, up at 4am Idaho time again and on the metro.

It was Canada Day and the Canadians were bringing the patriotism hardcore!

I'm skipping huge chunks of the day but at one point my friend Rochelle and her hubs invited Heather and I to go see the DC temple with them.
The three of us are all Mormons and for me at least, I really wanted to just look at this beautiful building and walk around it.

So, we did.

I this this is my fave pic that I took but you tell me if you like one better. I plan to print one for my wall.

One pic where I'm not crying. Being at the temple made me miss my family even more and I was a frickin' wreck by the end of this visit.

Barely holding back tears here.

There was a big windstorm the week we were in DC and this was some of the damage to the temple property.
I found a deer on the temple grounds and I don't fully understand the significance but it was a very spiritual moment for me. Another tear jerker too.

A tree with hearts on it.
I like this shot too. Argh. Can't decide which is my favorite.
Teaching Heather how to take a self portrait. I'm a pro, you know.

Rochelle's fam.
It was awesome to be with them but my heart hurt because I just wanted my kids and my hubs. Whimper.

Day 4 overview: Someone take me home.

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