Friday, July 13, 2012

International Babywearing Conference 2012: Day 5

 This is me back in Idaho.

I was so happy to go home. I feel bad because I apparently offended people by leaving early but I had to go.
I mean, I had to.
I was sick, physically.
I was homesick.
I was just ready to be with my kids and the Sammy manny. (Canadian husband was not cutting it.)

So, I was fully prepared to take public transit home but a friend offered to drop me in the early AM so I got up and was ready to go very very early.
I went right to check in and didn't bother to control my tears and asked the nice lady at Delta to get me home and by golly, she did. I left that morning instead of late afternoon and I was so very grateful. I found out later my flight connection would have been messed up like another attendee's connection was and I would have been stuck another night. So glad I left early.

So, I got home and did this:
 Ozzy is staring at my face and laughing this low, slightly hysterical laugh. It was cute. And sad.

The kids wore their DC shirts I got off a street vendor.

Overview: Good trip. Much better to be home. Never going so far away without family again. Never.

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