Friday, July 13, 2012

International Babywearing Conference 2012: Day 3

Once again, 4am Idaho wake up time.

Hiking to the metro.

Ann Marie's husband ran the fashion shows and he was quite charming.

Another highlight for me: Meeting Jessica in real life. We have been online babywearing friends for nearly 7 years now. She was the first person to test any of my carriers way back when and we have kept in touch online ever since. She is an Army wife and I was so happy that she happened to be in DC on a day so we could meet. It was pretty incredible. One more moment when the trip was worth it.

Seeing Aimee again was so awesome too!
I haven't seen her since Idaho!
Kit here was a superstar in planning the conference. Her unborn baby tried to be an early escapee, but somehow managed to stay inside to cook longer. Good baby.
People  getting lunch and hanging out in the vending area. I was manning the Wrapsody booth. That was a lot of fun.
Mandy geeking out because she got her Didymos wrap signed too!
I love us dorks.

That night we had a reception for BWI groups. I was giddy because I had been able to talk some businesses into donating carriers for groups to take home. Squee!

A nice shot of a lot of babywearing educators.

I met my Canadian-not-bald version of Sam.
I realized at that moment I could marry him too and have a husband in another country.
At that moment I blurted out loud, "I'm Mormon, this could totally work."
And thus my DC catchphrase was born.

(PS, I am slightly in love with this guys wife. If we had been given the time and I hadn't been so dang homesick we would be bff right now. One day...)

Later that night we went on a monument walk.

These were great moments when I got really sad because I wanted my family to see these things with me but instead they were at the lake in Rigby watching fireworks.
I was getting really lonely for my fam at this point.

Of course, the rick shaw helped me feel better.
I rode a frickin' rickshaw (those wagon-bike-taxi things) with 3 friends in DC traffic and we nearly killed the driver because apparently 4 girls was a few too many! It. Was. Awesome.

Day 4 wrap up: Wonderful day. My allergies were in overdrive and I wanted to hug my fam.

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