Friday, July 20, 2012

Towerland Family Pictures 2012

It has happened.
I found a better family photo op than the roof. It is better than even the Chuck Norris picture.
I give you... the canoe (with an accordian and my own personal Beyonce the tiny metal chicken).

Please... vote for your favorite so I know which one to blow up and frame and also send out as Christmas cards.
Number 1.
Number 2.
Not part of the vote, just all the kids.

They aren't part of the vote either, just awesome.
Number 3.
Number 4.
Xan overboard!
This will end well.

There you go.
Towerland 2012.
Special thanks to two ladies who made this possible: Marie who came over and took pictures for me with my crappy point and shoot camera (and brought over the beach toys that really made the entire shoot come together) and Angela, who moved across the country (boo) but before she did, she left a canoe in my driveway.
I tell you, I pulled up to the driveway, saw that canoe and all I could think was, "I have BIG plans for you, my friend. Big plans."

These are my most favorite pictures ever.
I can't wait to try to top them!


  1. Yes. These are the best photos to date. Of any one's photos. Of all time.

  2. You always have the best family photos!