Saturday, July 14, 2012

Towerland Freedom Extravaganza 2012

I was still feeling awful from all the travel so I didn't get many pictures.
I had some serious vertigo going on so I was thrilled that I didn't fall into the fireworks.

Anyhow, another year, another Freedom Extravaganza.
We made burgers for our friends this year. It was awesome.
We found hot deals on our fireworks (no, I'm not sharing my source... yet).

Then we got to the good stuff.

First up was the mandatory kid sparkler fest.

Sambo showing how to use a blow torch to light up sparklers.
Safety first!

Amira came prepared for the show.
(Side note: The Taylors moved a few days after this and I am extremely sad about it. I'm happy for Ang and co, but dang! Gonna miss my friend!)
Getting ready for the show.
Xander approved.
Our friends and neighbors Sophie and Morgan brought over their brand new little dude. He is so stinkin' cute! I love it already! And she is a rockstar mama already. Makes me so happy for them!

I just thought this shot was funny.
Some of our fancy fireworks.

As usual a few cops ran the open flame.
This year we tried to set Drew on fire (see him taking pictures above there? He was in the line of fire all night.).
Caleb showed up at the last minute and did an EAGLE with Sam for the grand finale. It was spectacular.

Once again, a worthwhile show. Happy our friends came and we hope to see them next year.

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