Monday, August 20, 2012

A Surprise Opportunity to serve

Okay, I'm back. That cupcake was fantastic. Seriously, I rock at baking.

Now lets get back on track.

So, June. I was release from a calling and was a total baby about it, then I was given a new calling that is awesome but made my brain go kablooey scheduling wise... that was just the tip of the iceburg.

Remember I also had a trip coming at the end of the month where I went to DC all alone for the babywearing conference. I know I already blogged it, but we'll be revisiting it down the road in an upcoming post. Everything tied together in a really huge messy knot. Besides, there was more travel to tell of.

Like I said, big summer.

But, this isn't about all that stuff. This is something else that happened that is pretty huge for me and really unexpected.

You know how I virtual school the kids through Idaho Virtual Academy? We've loved it and we are huge supporters of our school. I've also felt like as the kids get older we were moving on from all things baby and into a new phase of life with big kids and I wanted my outside activities to reflect that a bit more.

This spring I got a notice that the IDVA was seeking a new person for their Board of Directors for the school. At first I didn't think much of it, but I kept getting emails and notices and after about the 8th and some encouragement from the teacher who helps my kids in their ALP program I went for it.

You know, it was fun to put together my resume. I haven't done that in 10 years and at first I worried I wouldn't have anything to put there. Boy, was I wrong. I've done a lot for the past 10 years! I've been involved with boards before, I have had fun leadership positions serving my community and larger areas... I forgot that I organized the International Babywearing Conference in 2010! Those are all actually great for a resume!

So, I turned it in along with a letter of intent. Then, I pretty much forgot about it. I've only been a virtual school mom for 2 years and while I have a lot of experience that I felt was applicable I was pretty certain they would want a more seasoned virtual schooling parent. I figured this would just be great experience but didn't expect anything to come of it.

I'm sure you know how this ends.

I was downright shocked to be offered the position on the board. I found out a few days before I left for DC and I was giddy! Interestingly to me, I felt like the hand of God was involved in it. I don't want to say a lot about this, but when I was offered the position something was said that echoed something in my personal history that was just a wink from God telling me he was paying attention to me right then. I was pretty overwhelmed with the surprise of this opportunity and I was still reeling from my churchy stuff and about to go on a big trip, so I needed a wink right then to know this was another moment to just keep walking forward and trust this was all going somewhere wonderful.

It has already been a fantastic experience and while I'm absolutely drowning in educational jargon and records and all sorts of new to me things I am thrilled that maybe, just maybe I will get to help improve education for thousands of kids in Idaho (yep, our school has thousands of students, wow!).

I feel like this is an incredible opportunity and while I didn't expect it at all, I'm really grateful to do it.

Of course, the big changes don't end here...

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  1. SO GREAT! You know we're doing TNVA this year? And LOVING it? I thank you for the K12 introduction. :)