Saturday, August 25, 2012

August Zoo Trip

We have neglected our zoo pass!
Honestly, the idea of walking was too daunting for me (at least walking for fun) while I've been so sick, so we haven't gone. But a week ago I was having one of my rare good moments and we decided to rush and take advantage and do something fun with the kids.

(Quick note: I have to give the herd credit for being really patient with a mom who spends nearly every moment laying down when she can. They put blankets on me and cuddle with me and have really stepped up the cleaning of their rooms. I'm really proud of how helpful they are right now.)

 Sam offerend to wear Ozzy for me because I brought the Ergo and I can't buck it high up on my ribs and pressure on my belly makes me sick. Bless that guy.
A few highlights:
These two were singing to each other or something.
The lion watched us the entire time we were there and he looked HUNGRY.
Okay, Belle looked at the spiky things on the tortoise's rump and said, "Mom, or those her nipples? Is she feeding a baby?"
Um, no.
I laughed way too hard.

The boys found a new brother!

Good trip. I was grateful for a good day.

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