Saturday, August 25, 2012

Backyard Volleyball

Aka. Why my kids are the smartest and best kids ever.

So, I hate the tv. I view it as a necessary evil that keeps kids from torturing me when I teach piano but I think it is an enormous time suck the rest of the time and I am constantly fighting for less tv around here.

I decided to hide the tv remotes on weekend.
It was rough that first week, but it is getting better.

Today the kids played outside most of the day, then played in the house, then after dinner they went out and I found them doing this:
They are playing volleyball using my clothesline at the net.
I love these kids.
I just think they are so good at coming up with creative things to do and when they want to they are best of friends.

Oh and here is a cute pic of Osbourne. I love him.

These kids are really great. They keep us on our toes around here and they are smart and awesome too. Sambo and I lucked out.

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