Saturday, August 25, 2012


While we're talking about the boys and hijinks, check out a recent stunt Buddy pulled.

The kids went to bed for the night and Sam and I were downstairs cleaning the kitchen together. I know, romantic (ladies, you know it is, men, take note).
We hear some manic laughter and Belle is suddenly in the kitchen with Buddy, who has a very... guilty/proud look on his face.
Belle says, "go look at what Buddy did to Xander when he fell asleep."

So, we go look.
Check it:
It's Beardface!
Sam and I nearly cried from laughter.

However, there is this thing called payback, so I got out my own marker...
And this is why we don't draw on our sleeping siblings. Mom and Dad WILL get even.
(I love being a parent and getting to make the rules.)

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