Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bed Race 2012

Once again, it is time for the Rigby Bed Race!
Small towns can be pretty fun.

I did my Bountiful Baskets this morning and while I was gone the kids cleaned the upstairs, ate breakfast, kind of cleaned the kitchen, drew on each other with markers (sigh) and got dressed.
When I pulled up to the house they were all on the porch waiting to go.
Yep, we don't have a lot to do right now.

Mornings are typically a time when I feel okay so I decided to be daring and walk to the races with Ozzy on my back. It actually went pretty okay as long as I looked straight ahead and went slow.

We settled in front of the PD. They really were excited, just not for the picture.
Proof I was there and not dead.
I know I look awful, shhhhh.
Oh and is it just me or is my hair going reddish again?
Ozzy loved that ballon.
Sam was on duty so he didn't run in the race, but he was able to watch for a bit. He was really sweet and opened up the lobby of the PD so we could sit down instead of standing outside for the races. Bless him. I think I would not have fared as well standing for 2 hours. Plus the kids could play a bit and I didn't need to worry as much about them.

Another fun thing is we were hiding in plain sight and that was fun. Carol and Scott noticed us! Hi!

This is the only half decent shot I got of the Police Bed for the race. Meh. I hate my camera.

Tell me this isn't one of the sweetest pictures ever. Ozzy curls up on Sam like this all the time and I love it.

So, the races were fun. Our team didn't win, they had a bit of a costume malfunction. Next year they'll train for it and learn how to swap pajamas faster. If they don't, maybe some of the wives will run instead!

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  1. I can't believe I grew up in Rigby and have never heard of Bed Races. Is it a new thing?