Monday, August 20, 2012

On the Road Again...

I don't need to keep recapping, right?

If you are coming in on this mid stories, go back about 4 or 5 posts and I think you'll be in the right spot.

So, here we are. In a matter of a few weeks my life went from a well thought out plan I came up with to something very much different that God felt was a better fit. Okay.

So, what do we do next? Why, travel non-stop for nearly a month! Of course!

First, DC. Already blogged it so go back and read if you want. I don't have the energy to relive it right now.
Next stop, Montana. Now, my family in Montana like to keep things a bit more private so I'm going to leave it be (and know I may get grounded for just mentioning that it even happened in the first place), but there was one experience that I wanted to point out. We got to visit my Uncle Brian while we were there and he really liked Sam's badge last time we were in town so Sam got permission from our Chief here to give Uncle Brian a badge of his own and make him an honorary officer for Rigby!
I got a few shots of it.

 Sam presenting Uncle Brian with the certificate and badge.
 Our family with Uncle Brian. Xander, sigh. That kid refuses to pose for pictures.

The two cops!
Sam went and made Uncle Brian a necklace thing so he could wear that badge around his neck. He thought that would be easier for Uncle Brian to manage.

It was a really special moment for us. Again, this side of my family is more private and I don't want to stomp on any toes, but I'll just say a lot of my favorite childhood memories are hanging out with Uncle Brian and I am happy my kids get to get to know him too.

I spent the entire trip sick as a dog so I'm pretty sure my family thought I was being super duper lazy, but I was actually trying to just survive.

I had another trip to go on a few days after this. I had my first board meeting for IDVA. I was nervous because I had to drive to Boise, but I had planned on Sam and the kids coming so it was fine.

Then, two days before Sam tells me he didn't get the time off and I would be on my own. On my own and too motion sick to drive. Woo!

My mom and my friend bailed me out with the kids and kept track of them when Sam was at work and he handled the rest. I found a motion sickness pill that took the edge off and white knuckled it to Boise and back. It was a rough drive.

I got there just in time to meet the board members and people who run the school for dinner. Guys, I was nervous. I mean, these people are pretty neato and I'm just a housewife from Rigby, Idaho. Plus I was worried I may barf on someone so, yeah.

Well, right off the bat they brought our some friend calimari. You know, little octupus leggies. To eat.

I ate those bad boys UP!
I don't care how sick I am, if you put creepy friend things that look like spiders in front of me, I'm going to eat them and love it.
My kids think I'm super cool because of it.

After dinner I went to my hotel and passed out. I was exhausted.
I worried I wouldn't sleep good after my last hotel experience, but you know, when you have a quiet bath to yourself, episodes of "That 70's Show" on and a cell phone to text the hubs that you still love him eve though he ditched you, it is okay.

I woke up early and discovered I have a fabulous free breakfast available!
 Bacon. I love you, bacon.
I sat and ate and thought happy thoughts and it was divine.

This is my happy face.

Then I had a day of meetings. It went good. I was worried for a bit that I was going to feel too yucky, but I kept my head down so I could just focus on what I was learning, I had a peach tea to keep me happy and lunch was amazing. They fed me Olive Garden!

People, I think we've discussed this before. I love Olive Garden, but Sam refuses to take me there. I beg him all the time and he just won't do it. I get all depressed and mopey and even then, no dice. So, I've had it about 4 times in my life and that makes me sad.

Well, not it is 5 times.

They brought in soup, salad and breadsticks. They had that kale sausage soup and I LOVE it! I know it was just food, but between that and I bacon I seriously felt like God was winking at me once again and tossing me food he knew I could eat without getting sick. Seriously, I nearly cried with joy. I was in a new  place meeting new people after weeks of travel and while feeling awful and I just wanted something comfortable. I got Olive Garden. It made my week.

So, after the joy that was lunch, we finished meetings and I white knuckled home because I missed my family.

It was a looooong 3 plus weeks. I had piano on all the days between travel and I was sick sick sick. I am proud that I survived it but I never want to repeat the experience again.

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  1. What a cool and thoughtful thing for your Uncle Brian. Seriously so great. Makes me all misty-eyed!