Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer 2012: Lessons Learned

Now that I've caught you up on the crazy that was this summer, I want to balance out my whining with further explaining how this has been such a wonderful summer.

I saw a quote tonight that totally hit things on the head for me:

"Life has many ways of testing a person's will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen at once."
                     -Paulo Coelho

I can really attest to this. You see, this spring I was moaning on and on to Sam how I felt like our lives had suddenly gotten kind of stagnant. Things were easy right then. Money was coming in pretty good, the kids were happy and behaving more often than not, we were healthy, surrounded by good people who loved us and really we didn't have anything to complain about.

But, I kept thinking to myself (and whining to Sam) that it just felt to easy, like a calm before a storm. I kept telling Sam I wanted the storm to hurry up and move in so I could just get through already.

Pretty dumb, right?

Well, the storm came this summer. Only, it wasn't bad thing after bad thing. It has been blessing after blessing after blessing. Every single thing has been good in one way or another. But for me it was so overwhelming that it all happened at once and I had no control over any of it.

I look at both times and I see a similarity.
I spent a lot of time focusing on how things weren't quite going according to what I wanted in that moment even though I can step back now and look at all of it and easily see these things as wonderful.
We spent an entire spring with happy boring contentment!
I wasted it wishing for an adventure. The summer was more action packed and full of twists and turns than any blockbuster movie would have been and all I could do was cry about how it was all coming at me too quickly and not when I wanted it to.

Foolish me.

The lesson I need to learn has been staring me in the face all year.
Be still. 
Know who God is and know his plan is fantastic.
Appreciate the quiet moments of nothing and find the fun in the high speed car chase days because both will pass too quickly.

I'm grateful.
I got to learn this lesson with all blessings (crazy blessings, but still, we have all been healthy and have all our limbs and whatnot) and really, that isn't always the case.
I (hope) I get to teach my kids how to appreciate the quiet and the rowdy and see God in both better than I have this year.
I get another opportunity to serve others and I have been blessed with the ability to pick and choose what outside activities remain in our lives.
Most important, I... no, WE, get to add one more silly, brilliant, hilarious, just plain themself person to our family. I already know our family needs whoever Cinco is (yes, that is the name I'm using for now). I'm also pretty impressed at the impression they have made on our lives so far. For being someone who won't be earthside for quite a few more months, I can already tell they will be an expert on making an entrance.

Life is good around here, both in the quiet and the rowdy.

And NOW I'm ready to move forward and enjoy whatever comes next. On to the next adventure!

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