Monday, August 20, 2012

The Rest of the Summer in a Nutshell

Okay. So, we got through the insanity that was June and half of July. Whew!

The rest of July went like this: Piano piano piano, Buddy's birthday and a little more piano. It was tiring but good.

August has been quiet-ish. I have refused to commit to much of anything because I'm just tired every second of ever day and/or feeling sick to my stomach. It was nice to hit the phase where if someone knows me they know I'm pregnant and not just letting myself go in the past few weeks but now I'm trying to remember where I put my maternity clothes bucket.

We started back up with school this month. Yes, I know, we were going to do school all summer long. Well, stuff happened. That is the beauty of virtual schooling from home.

I've eliminated a few more stresses and I've simplified my life more. A hard thing to do was rehoming Ada and Ella. I fought it for a long time, but the truth is we are traveling more and it is hard to find someone to watch them, Ada really struggled when Ozzy was born and I worried she would struggle even more with another baby and the dogs have become a distraction to my piano students. We found a home through the help of a friend and it is a perfect fit. I miss the puppies, but I know it was the best thing for our family at this time.

Speaking of piano... wow! I love my students and I love teaching but I am a lot of students. I told myself I'd only take on 20 this fall and 10 in the summer which is why I've had nearly 20 all summer and this fall I tentatively have 30 students lined up. I only say tentatively because the last few to sign up have less than ideal times because I'm so booked up and I'm not certain they'll really want to do that. I stopped advertising a few years ago so this has all been word of mouth and I'll tell you what: My students refer awesome people. I enjoy it, but I won't lie, I have a lot of students.

I've been stressing getting all the housework done, feeding people. schooling kids and teaching piano and not being insane by the time Number 5 shows up so Sam decided to ease my load a bit on the financial front and last week he took on a second job. It is awesome and we are lucky to have a few good friends who helped it all fall into place just right. He's working the zip lines up at Heise on his days off and he loves it already. (Check it out here.) It is a great job for him. He gets to ride a zip line all day and help people ride the line, hike a hill and be outside the entire time. Plus, he isn't a cop there so people actually WANT to hang with him. It is awesome! He's really enjoying himself. He told me today he's looking forward to going to his fun job tomorrow and I just laughed. I know we'll see him less because of this, but he's happy about doing it and it is going to be so much fun for him so I don't care.

In other Sam news, he's been asked to travel and teach as a master herbalist. He's going to both Lava Hot Springs and Mackey in September. He made a few hundred dollars this summer in Pocatello teaching an herb walk and I suspect he'll come out pretty good in Lava and Mackey too. This area hasn't realized what a resource they have in Sam yet, but the surrounding area has and we are grateful for it. He's really a gifted herbalist and I'm proud of him for working so hard at it.

Okay, summer is essentially wrapped up. Whew. I need a nap. And a cupcake. And a Dew (yes I'm eating and drinking all sorts of stuff and and I'm cool with it). And some fried chicken. And some antacid. Okay, off to find all of the above. I hope you all had a great summer that wasn't nearly as eventful as mine.

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