Friday, August 3, 2012

The State of Sam's Garden (July 2012)

Sam's garden is looking pretty awesome right now.
We've been out of town and really busy so it isn't as weed free as I would like, but that is okay.

This is what Sam pulled the other day. He pulls stuff every day but this was just when I had a camera on me.
We did bok choy (and it will come back yearly) and garlic.
The first garlic is from starts we got from a local farmer and the other 5 are a science experiments from bulbs Sam had around the house.

This is the currant bush Sam moved. It kept insisting it needed to grow in the middle of the raspberry patch and that just wasn't going to work.
This area was supposed to be our corn field, but we just didn't get them planted.

This is a patch of wild raspberries we cannot seem to kill off. Every year Sam digs it out and gives starts to other people and every year this patch comes back bigger and stronger. See the brown leaves? That is our rhubarb plant (the green stem variety) that has been choked out by the raspberries this summer. Argh.

This is a back view of the garden. One day I want either a swing or a covered picnic table here so we can sit in the garden and pretend we live in the country.
This is the same back part of the garden but it is a side view. We have some mounds and some boxes there that we didn't fully plant this year. It is okay, this is a huge area and every  year we fine tune it a bit more so I have faith that in a few more years this area will be really nice.
This is dill. I want to paint that tire hot pink. So. Bad.

This was a little surprise Sambo planted for me... potatoes! I love spuds so very much and I had asked him a few times if we could grow our own and he always hemmed and hawed me so I was tickled when I noticed these growing!
A view of our raspberry patch. That thing is a monster. I love it. We have been out there picking so much over the past few weeks and I've frozen a small mountain of berries. They are really good too. Unlike the wild ones that keep threatening to take over the garden, these are thornless. Really good.

The left is Sam's California Poppy and the right is Red lettuce Sam is letting go to seed so he can plant more next year. That red lettuce starts up in the late winter/early spring and it is really good.

This is Sam's comfrey patch. It is insane.
This is our garlic in the ground.

Another shot of raspberries.
Sam is really excited with his watermelon. See it right next to the yellow flower?

This is our side of the house raspberry patch with strawberries mixed in. It did pretty good this year, but I am betting next year it will really produce.
Our Farrel pears. I am so excited.
This is Sam's second year graft on our pear tree. They are really taking off! They are called Flemish Beauty.

Just another shot of the garden from the front view. Our lilacs make it really nice and private back there. Love it. Those pink flowers are yarrow. More ornamental than medicinal.
This is some red stemmed rhubarb we transplanted from a friend a few months ago. It is going to do great.

These are the greens.
Close up of the greens. Front is Beets and back is Russian Kale.
These are in the greens area too. They are the peas.

So, that is about how Sam's garden grows in July. It is doing good and I wish we had more time for it, but one day it will be really amazing.

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