Friday, August 31, 2012

ZIPPITY DO DA (aka Picnic by the Zip)

Yesterday Sam asked me if I wanted to bring the herd up to see him and have some food between bookings at the zip line.
Of course!

The herd cleaned their rooms and did all their other chores so we could go, I bought a pile of junk food for a picnic because I was too tired to make it myself (shhh) and the gps got us there in a roundabout way.

I forgot to get many pics, but that is okay, it just means I'll have to go up again and take a lot of pics!
The kids had so much fun though! We got to see our friends who run the place and work there (people, we know the coolest people... like YOU!) and the kids liked seeing the office and all that. I daresay if they had begged they probably could have conned their way into a ride on the line right there!

But, we were there to picnic, not take up everyone's time, so we stole our Daddy and found a place to eat.
Daddy and the kids eating. I sat in the car because I was sleepy and I didn't want to sit on the ground.
Doesn't Sam look so hawt in his zip line shirt? I need to make him buy me a shirt so I can be cool too, hee hee.
My four favorite kiddos.

Right after this Buddy and Xander had to pee (surprise surprise) and of course Sam found them a spot to pee in then took pictures of their hineys. I shall not be publishing those picture, but when you come to either one of the boys' wedding receptions one day faaaaar down the road, you'll see blow up of them everywhere. Payback, boys. Payback.
Sambo and Kimby. Seriously, he IS smiling!
After we ate I dropped Sammy back off so he could fish a bit before he went back to work.
I did remember to take these pics!
Here's a sign on the office... oooooh!
Their jeep things they drive you in to get to the lines. It reminds me of Jurassic Park for some reason.

So, overall it was a great afternoon. I think one of these days I'm going to sneak over without the kids and beg Sam to take me down a line or two (or seven), but for now, this was plenty of visiting for us.

If I haven't said this before, let me say now, I'm really happy Sam gets to do this on his off days. He has been having a blast and really enjoys the people he is working with. I love that he gets to be outdoorsy and he can fish a bit more and I love that we can visit the "office" and not worry about what criminals may see us. Plus, the people are just incredible.

So, friends, do me a favor and support my hubby and go ride the Heise Zip! You'll have a blast!

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  1. Your kids really are freaksihly cute. In that picture when you say that Sam is smiling, he looks just like Xander. But, like, with a beard.