Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My New (to me) Toy!

Let the record show that Sambo is the sweetest guy in the world.

Case in point: Last Sunday I was tired and grumpy grumpy grumpy.

It had been a long day at church and I was really frustrated.

I'm worried about Buddy right now so I'm keeping a close watch on him. He has a new teacher and I want to make sure he puts his best food forward (and I won't lie, I want to make sure the teacher returns the favor. I don't always do that, but I felt like I needed to this time and I've learned to go with my gut.)

Xander is loving his teacher... poor woman! He is constantly cuddled up to her!

Belle loves her teachers too. It is great on most fronts.

But, then I have Ozzy.
He hates Nursery. Super hates it. He hasn't found a teacher to bond with there so I have to sit with him the entire time and that makes my brain hurt (literally... the noise makes the migraines so much worse).

Plus, we are reaching cold and flu season and I've decided I need to protect myself from exposure to lots of illness while I'm pregnant this go because I do NOT want to have pneumonia while pregnant again. That SUUUUUUCKED!

 I put that with my daily migraines and the fact that while I am finally having a few hours a day where I don't feel super sick, I now have spectacular crashes into feeling even worse after a nice stretch of feeling good and it comes on hard and fast and it can incapacitate me pretty quickly if I'm not ready with some food or a nice Dew to drink to hold off the pain for  long enough to get through anything I MUST do (like drive somewhere really fast or teach a piano lesson or 5).

Anyhow, got off track there. I put Ozzy's hate for Nursery, my fear of getting really sick this winter and my migraine fun oh, and the fact that Sam is now working every day of the week basically between both jobs (which do not think I'm complaining, I am not at all! It is a huge blessing, I'm just adding into the equation that I'm on my own at church with 4 kids and Cinco and I can handle it, but it is tiring some weeks) and I decided to take some stress off myself and not bother with Nursery at all for now. I'm good with that for the next season.

But, it kind of sucked when one of my favorite people at church walked by me and said, "oh, I figured you moved or something since you aren't here anymore."
Made me sad.

It is true, I haven't been at church as much lately. Those migraines hit and  I just can't build up the strength to drive through the pain, wrestle the kids and be fun to be around and if the pain isn't enough, the idea of accidentally offending someone is. I've said it before, I hate uncomfortable social situations and when I'm sick I am the opposite of awesome and I've totally offended people before unintentionally because I'm dragging hiney and can't find the energy to even bother to say hi some days. So, I stay home where I won't crash at church when I'm all alone without a husband to pick me up.

But, I feel bad that I haven't been there as much. I really do. Rock, meet hard place.

So, yeah. I was having a rough day.

Well, Sam called me from work and asked me if I wanted to come have dinner with him and some of the other Zip Line families at the Heise Pizza Parlor that night. No cooking? Time with my favorite guy? Time with people I really like who understand that I feel awful and will like me when I'm quiet and a bit cranky? Yes please!

(Bless my buddy Lynne who texted me my favorite text ever: "Come eat pizza with us. Jesus said it is okay." Haa haa! I've used that one a few times on her so I loved that she turned it around on me! I have great friends.)

So, we dragged ourselves up to Heise. It was nice. I won't lie, my kids were SO LOUD and I felt like I was constantly shuuushing them so we wouldn't be THOSE people with the obnoxious kids (yes, this is a theme in my life. I don't want to be that family, I want to be the family with well behaved yet awesome kids.). But, One of the guys ordered an amazing pizza I'd never had with artichoke on it, I got to meet some really nice people and Sam got me a Dew because my brain was aching and he knew I was just dying the entire time. He is so sweet.

But, this is the best part.

At the end he say, "hey, want a really old cool sewing machine?"
Of course I was like, "when don't I?"

Turns out one of the guys had this beautiful old machine that had been his granny's. It needs a little tlc, but it is amazing shape for its age. He offered it to Sambo and Sam of course took him up on it. 
How pretty is she?!
She is a White. I don't know much about her yet, but I am eager to learn.
Built in table! I have always wanted a machine like this! I am so excited!
I need to find a cord for her, but I have a bwing friend who may just have a spare (have I mentioned how great my friend are?!) and I think it won't be too hard to restore her to her former greatness.

I'm really excited about my new toy and I can't wait to use her! I WILL carve out time to sew this fall, yes I will! If it kills me!

Thank you Sammy! Thanks for making a rough day really awesome!

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