Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Potato Leek Soup Recipe

We had Leeks in our Bountiful Basket the other week and I wasn't too excited about them. Marilynn gave me this recipe she got from another lady who gets a basket and I have to say I now adore Leeks.

This was extremely easy to make. One of my friends made it and she took a few extra spuds and blended them up to make the soup thicker and said it rocked. I'm totally doing that next time!

Anyhow, here is the recipe so I don't ever lose it:

Potato Leek Soup
4 leeks, cut in 1/2 inch slices
4 med potatoes, peeled and sliced (I don't peel personally)
1 cup sour cream
1 med onion, dices
4 cups chicken broth (I used plain water because I just used all my broth)
1 1/2 T butter
Salt and pepper to taste
stir fry the leeks and onions with the butter until tender. Add spuds and broth. Cover and simmer 40 minutes. Add sour cream slowly and heat to serving temp.
Do Not Boil.

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