Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Xander is a Preschooler!

Oh boy.

So, this year was Xander's year to do preschool. We always go to the same preschool with each kid and it has been an outstanding experience.The teacher is amazing. I love how she teaches, I love how she remembers every kid she has ever taught and I love how strict she is with security. She is a woman after my own heart.
She is also a very booked teacher so you have to get on a wait list to send your kids there. I sign my kids up a few years in advance so I don't miss out.
Belle adored her and so did Buddy. They had a blast. So, I was very excited when we got Xander's papers for school this summer.

Of course, just when I think a kid is going to zig... they zag.
Xander, the child I thought would be doing backflips over school, was not excited at all. He actually had nightmares about preschool this summer. I started getting worried. Really worried. Part of me wanted (okay, wants) to scoop him up and never make him go anywhere alone ever, but then part of me wanted him to have this great experience that all the other kids have had.

I've also felt like he needs to do something without his siblings or I will feel like I'm doing him a disservice socially. This is where homeschool stresses me out. I feel like I need to really be aware of any weak spots I give my kids socially and I felt like Xander may be proving to me that I am doing a bad job with this aspect of parenting. S to the T to the R to the E to the double S! Argh.

So, I got ahold of X's teacher and we talked about it ahead of time. X and I went to orientation a bit early and got to see the room in advance. One of his fears was meeting the teacher so we conquered that quickly and he loved her.

Then, one of the other preschool moms (bless her heart) offered to have her kiddo come over to play before school started so X has a friend in advance. That really helped a lot!

Monday we hit the first day of school. Xander was excited so I was really happy.
Isabelle took a pic of us.
Someone get me a new camera. I hate my camera so much and I want my Canon back. This was the best pic. Sob. (Oh, but I do think I actually have a cute belly right now and that makes me happy.)

Xan the man wanted to take something to the teachers for his first day, so we got some kiwis to take. He is holding the bucket of kiwis right there!

Here is Xander putting away his coat.

So, the first day went good. He let me leave and he had a good time.

Day two... Xander decided he didn't want to go. It was too scary. After some talking he did want to go, but when we got there he didn't want me to leave. I stayed for about 20 minutes then I left and he did okay and again said he had fun.

Today... tears at school! He cried when I tried to leave and I stayed as long as I could but then I started crying too (I know I'm a wimp) so I left as his teacher was holding him. It was rough. I was so worried I actually went back early and the teacher tells me he stopped crying the second I left. Then, X sees me and says, "Oh, hey mom! You can go, I'm great!"
Well, I went and hung out because it was nearly time to go. When it was time to go, he runs to me and says, "Oh mom! I had a wonderful time!"

This kid is killing me!

I'm trying to figure out how to handle the good byes since they are the problem right now. Once he is there he is happy happy and he tells me how much fun he is having, but he doesn't want to say good bye. Argh. Super argh.

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  1. Dude, like a bandage -- rip it off fast. If we linger droping Nelly off at kindergarten, she senses this is something she should be anxious about and -- shocker -- becomes anxious. So now we only walk her to a certain point and let/make her walk in the door all by herself. After many years of subbing in nursery, I can tell you that almost never does the kid cry more than 2 minutes after Mom/Dad are gone. It's when the parent sticks around to "help" that the kid never allows him/herself to get comfortable in the new environment. Toss that kiddo out the door while the van is still moving. Better for both of you emotionally and probably has the added advantage of being more environmentally friendly (fewer gas emissions).