Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Xander's Second Week of Preschool (The Adventure Continues)

So, preschool.
It has been quite the ride.
We are now into week two.
I just thought this was a funny picture.

So, Monday was ROUGH. X and I had quite the argument over school. You see, he wanted to skip Monday, but he didn't want to just quit preschool. I was not about to play that game. We do it or we don't was my stance.
We both ended up at the school in tears. One of us got a big hug from our the teacher and one of us had to drive to the cop shop and find our husband and get a hug from him.
Of course, then X was all happy when I picked him up. Why?

He got to have Buddy Bear, the preschool mascot!
Xander wearing Buddy Bear (at left) and Bronco, his favorite bear.

 Babywearing purists, they are in a front facing out position AND a bit cradled. Oh, and the carrier is a bit big too. Come and get us, we dare you.

So, Monday ended good. Then Tuesday hit. No fight over school, but he walked in there crying again.
Bless his teacher, she just picked him up and took him on in and apparently he stopped crying seconds after I left. Again. Argh.

So, Today was the last day of the week. It was also Xander's VIP day at school He got to take a special poster and be the helper for the day and all that.

So, guess who woke up all happy to go to preschool?

This kid!
Look! Still no tears!
I think we were all shocked!

Then at the end of the day they had a "honey hunt" since they learned about bears.
I came and took pics.

Xander was focusing on the fun
In this pic he is staring at me all creepy like.
After he found his treat. Yay!
Preschool is awesome!
So, now he officially loves preschool. Okay, hopefully this will last beyond Friday.
I have hope.

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  1. Reminds me of my son's preschool days.. It was all difficult during the first week but as soon as he made friends with the other kids, everything went good.