Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Glimpse at Cinco (and an update on mama and even papa!)

 Just a peek.

So, Cinco is doing great. That is fabulous.

I'm hanging in there. Ever since the two rounds of antibiotics kicked the sinus infection from Hades that I have had since I went to DC in June (whimper) my vertigo, migraines and horrible tooth pain have been nearly nonexistent.

However, now I'm having some problems with my thyroid. This is a new thing and I'm a little bit frustrated by it. I had to push for more testing to be done before I'm just tossed on a medication because I feel like my thyroid may have been off because they did the bloodwork in the midst of my sinus infection fun and I was really not well at that time. Plus, because of my Raynauds it is probably that this is another auto immune disease starting to manifest. Hashimoto's is the most likely cause. It could also be a pregnancy exclusive thyroid issue.

Whatever it is, until there is more conclusive labwork done I am not starting any treatment. I just won't feel right about it until I know what kind of animal this is.

I adore Cinco already (when you look at that nose and lip pic don't you just die?) but I swear this kid has brought on more health twists and turns than the others combined. There will be payback, little one.

Now, in other health news, it looks like Same is gluten intolerant. We begin a new food adventure!
Please do us a favor or two:

Don't be offended if we skip holiday meal get togethers this year. We need to figure out gluten free and we need to take our time doing it right.

Don't feel bad for us. We've been doing the msg and nitrite/nitrate free thing for so many years now and this is actually not too much of a shift. Baking is going to be problematic for me, but we're devising plans. I've already taken a class to help and we have a support system. This will be great and making sure Sam is at his healthiest is really the most important thing to me (and the kids). We really adore that Sammy of ours.

Always an adventure. Always.


  1. I have Hashimotos. So. Much. Fun. Not... Cinco is a cutie! Keep up the great work.

  2. lmk if you need recipes for gluten free (and there are many in my cooking group on facebook.)