Sunday, October 28, 2012

Banana Boy

Ozzy work up from his nap the other day and I found him all Mr. Peepers style sitting on a chair eating a banana. It was awesome.

A few stats on Ozzers:

He is going to have dark hair, just like Buddy.
He is becoming just as fearless as his brothers. I am terrified.
He wears 3T clothing more than I like, but I can squeeze him into 18months. This tells me that baby clothes are a scam.
He can say a ton of words... daddy, Isabelle, Xander, Buba (Buddy), blackberry, chili, no, baby, night, bye, dinner, grandma and grandpa, but he won't say Mama. Ever. And he opts not to talk very often at all. Reminds me of another dark haired kiddo of mine at that age.
His daddy is his favorite. I have gotten over it.
He is a climber. Kill me now.

Ozzy is just the best kiddo and we really adore him. I can't wait for him to be a big brother, I think he will be a great helper if he doesn't hug Cinco to death.

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