Sunday, October 28, 2012

Checking Hooping off the Bucket List Finally!

So, learning to hoop has been a dream of mine since I saw all my buddies at the 2010 Babywearing Conference in Idaho hoop it up.

But I have been so lazy about it.

This weekend Sam and I got to teach at a great event called "Make it for Maggie" and I actually BEGGED the organizer to have this amazing friend I know teach a hooping class (because I'm selfish like that).

She also taught a fabulous gluten free cooking class that I needed badly so that was really amazing.

Anyhow, Sammy came to the hooping class with me and we had so much fun!

Look at my silly face! I was dying over how fun it was!
Cinco makes a perfect shelf for a hoop!
I actually didn't suck at it either! I can totally see how this is a great work out.
This is my wooooooooo face!

I was really giddy. Sam was laughing at me, but I don't care, all my dreams were coming true.

Now, we got to decorate our hoops too. I let Sam do it and he picked pink zebra for me because he is super smart.

When we got home Sam decided to try hooping too!
He loves it too!

I think we're going to be making hoops for the fam for Christmas!

Of course, then he dropped the hoop.

I am actually better than him at this! Hooray! I never get to be better at cool stuff!
Aaaaand, one more time with the happy Sambo face because we never see it!

I love hooping!

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