Sunday, October 14, 2012

Doing Less but Having Time to Look Forward to Things More

First off, Buddy and Xander just built an obstacle course based loosely on Buddy's gymnastics class courses and they are navigating through the school room and Buddy is going all Olympics Gymnastics coach on the kids. I'm waiting to see who needs to go to the ER first.

But, the real reason I'm blogging right now is I am happy about a few things.

1. I haven't needed to take anything for pain (remember,  my options are crazy limited right now) for a day an a half now. It is glorious. I had forgotten how it feels to not be in pain every second. I'm not 100%, but so much better and I'll take it.

2. My life is so much easier now that I have taken nearly everything off my plate and I'm finding myself really enjoying the few extra things I do now, simply because I have the time to enjoy them. With that in mind I am really excited that Sam and I have the opportunity to teach classes this year for "Make it for Maggie" (click on that link to learn about it). Some groovy gals I know organize it every year and while I've been involved in some way or another for years, this time I am able to really ENJOY the opportunity instead of only enjoying it a bit because I am too busy trying to think of the next 4 things on my docket to complete.

Anyhow, Sam is teaching a self defense class for women. I know I'm married to him, but really, he teaches an excellent class and I recommend this for every woman I know. You need this information. Teens ages 14 and up can also attend with a parent present.

He is also teaching a class on herbs. Again, I'm biased, but Sam knows his stuff. If you want to learn more about how to use herbs as a medicine and taking advantage of what grows around you, this is a class to take.

I'm really excited to teach about something I love too. I'm teaching a frugality class! It was so much fun going back over my papers and reviewing all the classes I've taught in the past. I've been working on saving money for so long that I kind of forget how much of what we do to save isn't the norm. It has been really fun to take that time again, so much fun that I brought my old blog "Kimber Loves a Deal" out of retirement so I can write about it again.

I'm loving how much I enjoy doing things now that I don't have as much to do.
Also, you should come to "Make it for Maggie". The classes have me really excited this year. In fact, both Sam and I registered for classes because we wanted to make sure one of us attended all of the classes we were interested in. We even have a few together which will be really fun for us. One of the classes I'm looking forward to is the hula hooping class. Did you know you can make your own hoop and use it for exercise? It isn't like the hoops you get at the toy store. I've wanted to learn for years and I'm giddy over this! Sam is really excited about the alternative cooking class. He loves preparedness stuff. For those who aren't into the preparedness or "woo woo" stuff, there are some really fun cooking classes and tutorial classes (for lack of a better word) that will appeal to so many people.

It is so nice to be able to look forward to something instead of looking ahead all the time and trying to make it all work. Doing less is agreeing with me.

Now, if you haven't yet, go check out MIFM and sign up for some classes. It will be fun, promise.

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  1. I just saw an idea on a friend's Facebook page and had to come tell you. They had their family of five on a teeter-totter, just for fun, not for a family photo. (They aren't as cool as you.) But maybe you should look into it for next year's family photo!