Thursday, October 4, 2012

Family Day at the Zipline

This past Sunday (Sept 30 for those who like to track time) it was employee family day at the zipline.
We had been looking forward to it for weeks.

There was a harness small enough for Ozzy that would attach to Sambo and they even had an "extra chubby" one for me. (I will not divulge the name of who dubbed it that, but know that he will pay.)

Yep, it was going to be a great day with food after, some hot springing... just fun.

Of course, I ended up being too sick to go. Blah.
(Story here so I don't have to make a separate post about it. Yes, still having daily migraines. Yes, vertigo is still occuring. This time however it has been a tooth issue. A few years ago I went to a dentist who was, to put it gently, not the best dentist I've ever met. Sparing the details, this girl who used to be happy to go to the dentist now gets really anxious when the dentist is mentioned after the painful and a bit demeaning experience. We have a different dentist now and he is really nice, but the fillings this prior dentist did, you know, 2 years ago, are falling out and crumbling. Yay. So, about a month ago the new dentist had to fix one. It felt fine for a few days then started to hurt and I have been hurting ever since to the point that I wake up at night every few hours because of the pain. It has been overtaking even the migraines at this point because I can't eat or breathe or talk without it hurting. Went in Monday after this adventure and the dentist suspects the trauma to that tooth was too much and I need a root canal. I cried like a baby right there. I am really capped out on pain and stress for this pregnancy and my last bad dental experience was while I was pregnant with Ozzy so I am just a ball of stress. I'm hoping it is an infection that will calm down so I am on antibiotics to see if that will take the pain away and at the very least I can avoid a root canal for a few months for many reasons, one of which is also the cost of all this as our dental insurance is apparently mostly for show and not so much useful in situations like this because they do math in a weird way. Of course, it appears I've had a nasty sinus infection through this too as the antibiotics are making all sorts of draining going on and I can actually breathe again at night. However, the tooth improvement has been slight thus far. Sigh. So, yeah. My entire head loathes me. The feeling is becoming mutual. That is the story.)

So, I stayed home with Ozzy to cry over my head and Sam took the other three kids with him.

Everyone had an awesome time from what they tell me!
Getting in the Jurassic Park jeep to get to the first zip.

 Xander is looking a bit concerned...
 I get a kick out of little Miss B's carseat there in the front. Pretty stoked they didn't strap her carseat onto a line too. (Carseat junkies, be still. If you judge everything you see you are going to get an ulcer and I don't want that for you. Nobody loves their kid less if they don't do things exactly the way you believe they should, they are just doing it different. Baby was mostly in a parked jeep waiting for mom with another human watching her. It was okay.)

Excited kids ready to start. Again, Xander looks less than certain about all of this.
And... there it is. Poor Xander. Sam said he cried at the beginning and didn't want to go. Sam was attached to him so they took off anyhow and by the end Xanny was laughing and smiling. Apparently nearly every line went that way.
Here's Buddy in front. No hesitation from this kid. He was attached to 2 other boys for this line so they could really cruise.
The three boys!
Here is Belle and her buddies Riley and Tori.
They also went together so they could cruise faster. See Caleb all stoked to send his two girls down the line?
Love it.

Do you think this kid was having fun!
Seriously, all of Buddy's wildest dreams were coming true.

Sister was pretty stoked too! She even took a line by herself!
There she goes!
Now she's even further away!
Buddy got to do a line by himself too. He said it was awesome.

Sam brought the kids home after eating so they didn't get to soak in the hot springs. He had to work a tour and I was home and our kids are good at watching themselves to a degree but it is rattlesnake season so... yeah.

I am so bummed that I missed out on this. Cinco is very much in the doghouse right now for causing me so much grief (and that old dentist isn't really my favorite person either right now, still like the new one however). I swear, when this kid is 16 and wants to borrow my car I'm going to pull up this blog post and be like, "really? You think you earned it in utero?" That will teach Cinco!

Belle actually got to go again yesterday with her little bff Bethany for her special birthday "party". I'm hoping Sam has a few pics on his phone. They had a blast. Of course.

Seriously people, you need to ride the Heise Zip. It goes until the end of October.

I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity this has been for Sam and now our family. We're really lucky to live where we live and know the awesome people we know who open doors like this for us. Thanks friends.

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  1. 1- tooth pain: the worst. I am sorry about your vertigo, too.
    2- AWESOME!!! I want to go ziplining!!! Your kids are so stinkin' cute in their helmets and harnesses.
    3- I love the nickname "Cinco".