Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Family Trip to Lava and Soda Springs

Sam had a class to teach a few weeks back for this natural living thing. He is developing a nice following as a Master Herbalist.
I hope our local area eventually figures out what an asset he is.

Anyhow, this was a fun trip with a few hijinks.
First, we had to get Sam from the zipline as he did a tour before we left.

The kids were less than enthusiastic about waiting for dad.

Waiting for Sambo.
Oz offered to drive. However, he didn't have his learners permit so I declined.

We finally got on the road and other than my fabulous temper tantrum when I didn't get my Mountain Dew with lunch (damn you Arctic Circle!) it was okay.

Of course, we had to wait for Sam again and we did get bored.
We also learned there are NO public restrooms in Lava Hot Springs. That was the opposite of awesome.
Eventually we wandered the town and found ice cream and a potty.
Then we found a park and a hill to roll down.

Xander made it all the way across the monkey bars for the first time ever!

After this we drove a bit further to see my old elementary school buddy Becca.
She has this dreamy house with room for a garden, rabbits and chickens. It was pretty glorious.
Kids with baby chicks.

Unflattering shot of Becca. Sorry friend. My bad.
I forgot to take more pics because I was too busy enjoying eating good food Becca made and just catching up. We went and got soda water at Hooper Springs and make kool aid soda with it later but it was too dark for pictures which is a shame. Hilarity ensued when one of Becca's kids stuck his head in the water. Loved it.

It was a great trip. Makes me want to move that way (if I could just talk Sambo into moving).

Looking forward to next year's trip. Be prepared Renfroes! Towers will invade again!

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  1. Unflattering?! I look TOTALLY hot in that picture. It really was delightful--I told Allen the next day that it was the most perfect visit. I love you, my cute pregnant friend.