Sunday, October 28, 2012

I am a genius

Okay, maybe I'm taking that title too far.
But I feel really brilliant.

We got a case of chicken from Zaycon a few weeks ago. Our freezer was very pleased with us.
I was in dire need of chicken broth and I have wanted to play around with shredding chicken in bulk so we filled up my crock pot with chicken and water and let it cook all day.
Hello chicken!

Then, I tossed the chicken into Tilda, my beloved Kitchen Aid and turned her on.
Less than a minute later... shredded chicken! Woo!
I am so smart!
Check out the awesome broth!
I put all that aside for when I need it and I am so stoked!
Then I tossed my shredded chicken into baggies and celebrated.
I love freezing stuff and I really love finding ways to be lazy when I cook. Woo!

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