Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Isabelle is 10 Years Old. Whaaaaa?!

Are you fricking kidding me?
Someone explain how this happened immediately.

My baby girl turned 10 a few days ago.

A few facts about Belle:

She is a better mother than I am most of the time.

She has a wonderful best friend named Bethany and we count our blessings daily that those two are buddies.

She is an amazing reader (hi, my 4th grader here happens to read at a 10th grade reading level) however, she can't spell or use punctuation to save her life. Why? Because according to her it takes to long to do it and she won't remember what she wants to write. (hmmmmmmmm)

She has a lovely singing voice and will probably be a great little actress as she gets older.

She knows how to play tennis and she can play piano (but she really needs to practice more).

Other than Sambo, she is my best pal.

I took a few pics of her by our beautiful Virginia Creeper on her birthday.

School bus in the background, heh heh.

Well, there she is. My girl who keeps growing up. Eight more years and she'll be off to college.

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