Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Typical Thursday in Towerland

Thought I'd post what my "day off" is like.
Thursday is the only day I don't have teaching or volunteer work or a church-a-thon going (though I've been too sick for church lately, boo me).
This is actually two Thursdays because I forgot to take pics of all of our dr appts on one week so I could get the entire day so I am making an example day. Pretty typical for Towerland.

Anyhow, here it is in all of it's glory:

 We wake up. Ozzy thinks he is a puppy. He barks, pants, pick up stuff with his mouth and if you aren't careful he'll bite just like a puppy. Funsies.

Xander doesn't have preschool on Thursdays (btw, he officially adores preschool now, whew!) so he tends to grab a pile of legos and hold up in his room. Sometimes he lets Oz play with him and sometimes he just tortures his brother. On this day it was the latter. Yay.

 Buddy boy doing history. He posed for this picture.
We move through school pretty quickly.

 Sometimes we get creative to keep the little kids happy.
Belle is studying for her spelling test here with Ozzy watching Dora. It works.

Now, this is a bit out of order but I'm too lazy to fix it.

We had a dental appointment this day. I don't want to talk about it.

Then we had 2 other things, but I'll do these pics first.

Note Sam's creepy smile. Either we won't smile for a pic or he does this to me. Sigh.
 We're at the PD here waiting for my girlies to come. What girlies? Remember?

For church I have the 8-11 year old girls for Activity Days.
I asked Sam to teach a personal safety class to them. I know it is a touchy topic but I am a firm believer in arming children with knowledge and the confidence to keep themselves safe. It went really well. I have a co-leader now, her name is Annette and I LOVE her! We used to hang a bit on Sundays in primary and I really really really wanted her to help me with the girls and I have been giddy that I got my wish. She is the nicest person ever and I just love being around her!

 Sam teaching the girls. It was a small group that day.
I love my church girls so much.

Now, before this we had eye doctor.

This was in the waiting room. They were watching a moving on my Precious. I love how close my boys are to each other. I am hoping they will be best friends for life.

 Oh Miss Isabelle. She was farsighted last year. This year she is nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other! Argh!
So, we have glasses on order. These glasses. I loved the dark pink on her and the shape. It was the first pair I saw and I was all about getting in and out because I was starting to feel really yucky.

We also had to rush to Buddy's new activity.
Buddy is the perfect build for this plus he is fearless and has crazy good luck.
So, we signed him up. First day they showed him how to do a back handspring on a trampoline. He came home and mastered it in less than 20 minutes. He is really doing great at it.

Of course, his class is during my Activity Days so my mom has been picking him up for me.

So, my day of rest. Not so much restful. But, normal for us.

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