Sunday, November 18, 2012


So, the other day I was looking at kitchen supplies I long for and I found this amazing corn cobber.

We get a lot of corn through Bountiful Baskets and while I adore corn, I loathe it on the cob and I double loathe all the work to get it off the cob. So, sometimes it goes to waste and I hate that.

I had heard there were magical devices that make cobbing corn a breeze, but I had never really looked until now.

Wow. This thing was beautiful, Oxo brand (my favorite brand for kitchen gadgets) and cheap.

I posted about it on fb and put it on my wishlist and decided to wait until it was on sale to get it.

Well, my birthday is coming and my dear friend Darien always sends a goodie my way. Something I really need.

I was teacher piano when the UPS man showed up. I was surprised as I didn't order anything but I waited to open it until I was done teaching.

Then I saw the most beautiful corn cobber ever.

(It was probably good I waited to open that box, I was so giddy I may have cobbed my student in my eagerness to test it out!)

Yeah, this is the box about 10 seconds after I saw what it was.

I had been debating dinner ideas until I saw this puppy. I ran to the kitchen and pulled out some corn and cobbed the crap outta it. Dang. That thing really works. I've decided I could used it as a weapon if I needed to. Forget my skillet, my cobber is my new weapon of mass destruction around here!

I love this thing. I'm also a little afraid of it because I now understand why so many of the reviews on Amazon mentioned having to get stitches after using it. Not a tool to use all willy nilly.

But, my new favorite kitchen tool ever.

Thanks Darien!

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