Sunday, November 18, 2012

Double Rainbow Bucket List: Sam and Kimber BOTH See Their Dreams come True

Our life is so weird.

So, yesterday I was at Bountiful Baskets doing my thang and Sambo dropped by. He was working so I was surprised to see him but he was all excited about something.

Turns out someone had hit a deer with their car last night and left the poor thing suffering. This isn't the part that he was excited about. This morning someone called in this poor deer and Sam had to go out and put it down (again, not the part he was excited about). Now, here in Idaho, we have a salvage law and if you see roadkill that you want to eat, you can get a tag from Fish and Game and salvage the critter. The guy who called in the deer didn't want it, so Sam was allowed to salvage it! (THIS is the part he was excited about!)

Woo hoo!

You see, Sam went hunting several times this fall and didn't get a deer which is unusual for him. We were pretty bummed about it. But this deer was in good shape and it means we can fill our freezer.

So, he was coming by to tell me that I needed to bring out the minivan in a bit to pick up the deer so he could prep it for the butcher.

Um... okay. I wasn't quite onboard until he told me there would be a tarp involved. Then I was all over it. Driving around with a deer corpse in the back seems like something we would do and if I didn't have to clean up any blood and whatnot I was willing to play.

So, I went home and got the back of the car ready. When the herd discovered my plan they demanded to be involved. This makes me equal parts proud and deeply disturbed. I'm proud because the herd clearly knows how to make everything entertaining and that is just a gift. However, I'm starting to think we're going to turn them into tiny serial killers or at least we'll be paying for some therapy bills one day when the kids realize how weird their lives actually are.

Anyhow... we loaded up and followed Sam to his bounty.

I took pictures but honestly, they are too icky for the blog so I will only post this one:

Deer in tarp in the back of Angelina Jolie.

Kids oohing and aaahing.

Cops trying not to get blood on their unis.

Me wondering where my life took a left turn.

So, there we were. Minivan full of kids and dead deer. Roadkill deer.

I felt fancy. I cruised through Rigby for a minute reveling in how jacked up my Saturday was already, then I went home so Sam could take poor Bambi's mama out of my car.

He stopped by and took care of that. Then we handled Xander's tears over the deer really being dead. (Remember when we went fishing this summer and Buddy cried when the fish that we caught died? Same thing, only bigger critter. Again, I was thinking about the cost of counseling, sigh.)

So, now we have a deer waiting to go to the butcher on Monday. Very exciting.

We get to cross a few things off our bucket lists:

1. Sam got his deer this year (yep, we're counting it, don't you judge us).

2. I got to drive around with a corpse in my car and I didn't get arrested. In fact, the police let me do it. (Now all the people who make me angry can sleep better tonight knowing they are much safer than they were before this. Much, much safer.)

3. We get to eat roadkill and that dials up the class in Towerland bigtime. If you want to feel fancy too, just come on by on meatloaf night! (For the record, Sam is prolly more excited about this than I am, you remember the argument he and I had over the squirrel killing incident a few years back. If not, feel free to click the link and enjoy. Sigh. Anyhow, I used to have a pretty firm stance on not eating roadkill either. I'm obviously letting go of ALL of my standards.)

So, there it is. Just when I think it can't be more awesome to be us, we end up with roadkill in the back of Angie. Don't hate us because we're beautiful.

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