Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gluten Free Baking Attempts: From Scratch for the First Time

After all the excitement from hauling a dead deer around I needed to do something equally amazing.

I decided to woman up and try to bake gluten free bread from scratch.

First, I had to clean the kitchen.
A section of my "clean" counter.

Check out the free bread I got! Gluten for the shorties!

Also, I waited a week for my pineapples from last week to be ripe and we got another one in our basket yesterday so I was really excited for all the pineapples we were going to be eating. NOM.

But, that has nothing to do with my bread. I just wanted to share it.

I took a regular bread recipe and I used a gf flour mix that is for bread and subbed that in, cup for cup. I used less flour than I normally do because I'm learning that you need to spoon bread dough into the pans in order to get a good loaf.
Look at that dough.
Honestly, I should have made 3 loaves but I am used to making 4 so, yeah.
Here are my finished loaves.

I was pretty happy.

Sam and the kids tried some and everyone was pretty happy. The texture isn't quite bread bread, it is more of a muffin texture, but I'll work on that. The flavor was good however and Sam said this was his favorite bread so far.

I'm not going to lie, I'm really frustrated with learning a whole new way to bake. I wish this were just coming to me so I could just convert all my recipes over. But, this isn't how it is going so far. Ah well. I'll get it eventually and in the meantime everyone has to eat what I bake or else.

I'd share this recipe, but I want to perfect it more first so you have to wait. Sorry.

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