Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Natural consequences during Halloween

This is the face of a child who is learning the natural consequences that come from playing "Poke the Bear" for too long with Mama.
Let me tell you alllllll about it.

It actually starts the Saturday before Halloween.
We were super busy that day with the clothing swap and Make it for Maggie.
My mom watched the herd for us so we could get stuff done and in typical Grandma style she took all 4 kids to a move. Of course she got them popcorn and drinks while they watched Brave. Quite the treat for the kids and we really appreciated it because we never really take the kids to movies.

Then we had that Halloween Carnival and they had nacho dinners with pop there and if you know me at all you know I have an unholy love for nachos so of course we had to eat that.

Then Sunday I was a little sick and begged for junk food and Sam fed all of us junk food for the entire day.

Then Monday we had pizza for dinner with some of our friends. Well, Sam didn't, but we did. Poor Sam. (I really don't have the heart to eat pizza anymore in front of him. I'm just going to have to perfect gluten free crust first.)

Anyhow, that is a lot of processed food for our family in a short amount of time. All our kids get a little wacky with that much junk but Buddy in particular tends to get really out of control. I was prepared for the Tuesday detox with him... but it was so much worse.

That kid was on one all day. Nasty behavior, he was surly and mean to everyone and he took every little to thing to a spectacularly nasty place until I was in tears and couldn't take him anymore. If a gypsy had shown up right then I would have given him away gladly. It was bad.

Of course, that night was Xander's preschool carnival. I was debating not going because the kids were supposed to clean up and while Belle and X were working Buddy was this tornado around them just destroying all their work over and over again. It was really horrific.

I couldn't take that kid out in public and frankly he didn't deserve it. Plus... more candy? NO.

But, I didn't feel right about Xander missing his preschool carnival.

Enter Love and Logic.

I called my friend AM and begged her to come to my house and be the boring babysitter while I took the 3 in control kids to the carnival. Bless her, she agreed.

Then I informed Buddy of what was going to happen. He didn't believe me until his babysitter arrived. Then he had a much nicer song to sing. Darn it. I was sad for him and it was hard, but we left without Buddy. It was pretty sad. He ran to his bedroom window and watched us leave, just crying and crying.

We were gone about a half hour, but when I came back I found a brand new child.

Buddy was pleasant again. He was polite, did what I asked him to and even hugged me and told me he missed me. I was shocked, but it was a good shock. He had been very good for his babysitter so I was happy.

The next day when I said we had to do our school and clean in order to trick or treat, he actually tried to get all his work done instead of bickering with me. He's been a bit easier ever since his rough night being left out of the fun. Plus he was able to fully detox... just in time for Halloween (we have been keeping the candy away from the kids and only doling out a piece of two a day so it is okay so far).

I doubt this is the last of his hijinks, but I know he learned something from it. I learned something, don't let that kid eat junk for 3 days straight. Duh.

Parenting is tricky...

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